About Us

Founded in 1960, The South Shore Saints is a Greenfield Park based Barbershop Chorus.
We are part of the Barbershop Harmony Society, a world wide a capella singing organization that counts over 33,000 members.
Our chorus is a non profit organization that promotes chorus and quartet barbershop singing. We compete at Division and District levels.
One of our missions is to help charitable organizations either through donations or through free sing-outs (Fund raising events, senior homes, foundations, etc).

Music We Sing

Our repertoire is a mix of:

• Beginning of 20th century American popular songs (Original Barbershop style)
• Jazz flavoured arrangements of the most beautiful songs ever written
• A Capella arrangements of contemporary popular songs (French and English)
• Some spiritual numbers for special occasions.

South Shore Saints

Public Events

Contact us to request information or tickets for one of our events.
We will reserve your tickets at the door to be paid upon arrival.
(Sorry, cash only.)

Spaghetti Supper - $20

Supper and Song!

  • 2024-09-14 18h00
  • St. Paul's Church
  • 321 Empire Greenfield Park

South Shore Saints Annual BBQ -

Supper and Song!

  • 2024-06-05 18h00
  • St. Paul's Church
  • 321 Empire Greenfield Park

Fêtes de Saint-Lambert -


  • 2024-08-24 18h00
  • Rue Victoria
  • Saint Lambert

NED District Contest


  • 2024-10-27
  • Windham High School
  • 64 London Bridge Rd, Windham, NH 03087

South Shore Saints Annual Show - $25


  • 23 Nov 2024
  • Collège Durocher Saint-Lambert Pavillon St Lambert
  • 375 Rue Riverside, Saint-Lambert, QC J4P 1B1, Canada


Have you ever been told you have a nice voice or that you could sing in a choir?
Are you feeling like you need a musical break in your busy life?
Then Barbershop is for you!
Our “a cappella” four part style of harmony means there is a place for everyone.
The South Shore Saints is an all-male choir singing Barbershop style songs.
Come and sing with us, our practices are in person and take place every Wednesday evening from 7h30 – 10:00 at St Paul’s Church, 321 Empire in Greenfield Park.
Come see what you have been missing!
Visit https://southshoresaints.blogspot.com/2023/10/why-are-you-barbershopper-pourquoi-etes.html

Meet the Team

The Administrative Council takes care of chorus business. The most publicly visible members are the Director, Assistant Director, and President.

Alan Briand

Alan Briand Director

Alan caught the Barbershop bug when he was 18. He has expressed himself through his quartet and chorus performances since 1974. He has been the director of The South Shore Saints since 2005.

Steve Wheaton

Steve Wheaton Assistant Director

Steve joined barbershop and The South Shore Saints in April 1977. He sang in many quartets and competed at both the Division and District levels. Steve was the Coordinator of the Great Northern Harmony Workshop since 1996 and the sponsor since 2006.

Guy Filion

Guy Filion Past President

Guy became a barbershopper in 2006, at the age of 60, and wishes it had been sooner! For him, singing in four part harmony a cappella style is a challenge, a cure, just great fun.
Guy was president of The South Shore Saints from 2015 to 2022.

Luc Larose

Luc Larose 2024 President

Luc was introduced to Barbershop in 2011, at the age of 54, and like so many men before him, he fell in love with a cappella singing. For him, the chords and overtone from singing in the barbershop style bring so much emotion. Luc especially enjoys quartet singing for various community events.

Messages from the Team

Singing in four part harmony a cappella style is a challenge, a cure, just great fun. It’s a real physical and mental workout: lyrics, music, nuances...
A song can transport all of us to different lands and feelings. We love to sing, but don’t we all, in the shower or on the street? Is singing not an integral part of our lives, our cultures, no matter our origins or our beliefs? In normal times, is there not singing in every church or other worship centers, every theater, every concert hall? We all need to be willing to express ourselves during special occasions. Singing is giving a gift to the audience!

Guy Filion, Past President of the Board of Directors, South Shore Saints

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Alan Briand, Director


Many members of the South Shore Saints enjoy singing with Barbershop Quartets.

2023 4Give n 4Get

4Give n 4Get

Quartet 4Give n 4Get performing in contest 2023

2019 Recycled Parts

Recycled Parts

Recycled Parts performing in contest 2019

Chorus Activities

See The South Shore Saints in action!

Promo Video 1 2016

How would you describe the chorus?
Comment décrirez-vous la chorale?

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Promo Video 2 2016

Why are you a barbershopper?
Pourquoi êtes-vous barbershopper?

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Promo Video 3 2016


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For more information about singing with us
or to request tickets for one of our events, please contact:

Alan Briand Director

Alan is the director and has been singing barbershop since he was 18.

  • 514-497-2441
  • briandfamily24 at gmail.com

St. Paul's Church Rehearsal Location

St. Paul's Anglican church is where we hold our rehearsals and host many of our events including spaghetti suppers and guest nights.

  • 450-671-6000
  • stpaulsgpk at gmail.com

Luc Larose President

Luc has been a barbershopper since 2011, serving in many roles.

  • 514-250-9658
  • luc.larose at yahoo.ca